Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Blast From The Past

WARNING! The following photos are hilarious. (well for me they are)

Haha I wanted to be an Indian back then. I was like eight years old when I took this in front of my mirror.

I remember I shot this at my mom's office's comfort room cause you know, back then, CR photos would make you 'cool'.

Freshman year! Hah, I do not even look like a high school student! I was only twelve years old when I stepped into high school, maybe that's why.

Oh my, never knew I was this COOL. Just look at my face! Look at how close I am to filling the whole frame with my face.

This photo is alright, but I just cannot take the length of my hair, it's just so wrong.

I wonder what emotion I am trying to show in this photo... Or maybe I'm just trying to look cute... Maybe...

Wow, I am really a fan of close up photos.

The typical hairstyle of a high school student. Hahaha...

I do not know what else to say. My face is uhh... Priceless.

Rocking my full bangs with my cousin, Tiffany. Also, do you see that cotton ball peeking through my sleeves? That's from the anti-rabies vaccine I took that same day. I might love pain because I enjoy it whenever I get a vaccine.

Do I look stupid or do I look stupid? 

These photos may seem funny to me but they sadden me as well. Look at how clear my skin is before. What happened to my face? I wish I can bring that back. =(

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