Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Early this afternoon, I dyed Grace's hair. Doing so requires us to rinse
her hair after some time, and soak it with the conditioner that comes
with the hair coloring pack. Afterwards, we had to rinse it once more, leaving
the bathroom floor wet and slippery. My feet usually slide off slowly but this
time, I was not able to hold myself up. So in conclusion, my feet slid and
my right shoulder blade was abrased by the sharp edge of the door handle.

It hurts a lot, even after a few hours.

I am currently trying to accomplish two essays for my English class tomorrow.
They need to be comprised of five pages and I am only through with one.

I hope I get them done by the end of the night. 

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Strike a pose

[September 17, 2011] This day was awesome!

Let me state to you a few reasons why I should consider it as astonishing. For one, my best friends and I had some time  to spend together; two, we were at the Smart Araneta Coliseum watching the UAAP Cheerdance Competition; three, my home university’s cheering  team has triumphed and was able to keep the crown; lastly, my brother took amazing photos of Denise and I at the ‘garden’ of gateway.

I am very proud to be a student of UP. Not only do we have the most brilliant minds of the youth but also the finest athletes of our generation. I am incredibly glad to know that the exceptional Madonna-themed routine of the UP Pep Squad kept us as the defending champion.

As the moment we all have been waiting for arrived, Boom Gonzales started to quiet us down. Every person was caught at par with equal chances of winning, hoping to hear the name of their school. Just moments after the thrilling silence, FEU Cheering Squad came out of the dome’s sound system. The tamaraws placed third; what is interesting about this is that they were quite disappointed with their rank, shouting “NU, NU, NU” for the first runner-up award. Out of the blue, DLSU Animo Squad has gotten back on track! They won the second place in the competition. The announcement animated the audience and had us all chant the la salle cheers. Then all of a sudden, the whole twenty one thousand of us shouted “UP, UP, UP” and when Boom said the word: still...

Everybody knew...
It feels good to be part of something legendary.


Sunday, September 18, 2011


And all this time I thought it was /like li/

I am loving this week so far. 

Last weekend, my new cabinet was delivered. I spent almost whole
afternoon trying to get my clothes organized! I was kind of afraid to fix
my closet at first because my mom stayed in my room at the duration
I was cleaning up and I did not want her to see the new clothes I bought.

My aunt is feeling a lot better now that the water in her lungs and around her
heart have been removed. I hope she recovers from her illness faster so
we can spend time together and live the way we did before. 

Tuesday was awesome!
Before going to school, I got to watch the start of Miss Universe 2011
and learned that our candidate, Shamcey Supsup, made it into the final 16!
Arriving at the school, I was very eager to share what I know with
my block mates, only to find out that I am pretty much the only one
who cares. Although, a few minutes later, my brother started updating
me through text messages and my classmates finally found MU interesting.
It is funny how we all get nervous every time I receive a message.
Even our instructor went along and waited for updates.
At the end of the class, we finally heard about Shamcey's defeat, or rather
triumph landing fourth place among the 89 contestants.

Wednesday was weird and funny!
Math was overwhelming as usual. Art studies bored us to death, what is worse
is that we could not get any service from our classroom. Because of this, I did not
get my coach's message on time saying we are just asked to watch the cheering
practice and that he decided to declare a free cut. So instead, my classmate and I
attended the practice then ate at "Beach House". 

When I arrived at the dorm, the television was on. They were watching "Feng  Shui"
at the lobby and I decided to watch it with them. It is for me, the best horror
film Philippines has produced. That same night, HBO showed
"A Walk To Remember". I was able to watch it with my best dorm mates,
Macon and Nic Chiu. 

If only you are like Landon Carter...

Friday, September 16, 2011

I wish I stayed...

Pink week!

I totally miss these girls!! Dan, Darryl, Mica and Gliezl were my close friends
from high school. This day, our university declared a 'half-day' I forgot
the reason behind this though. As I walk to the AS lobby to meet with
my group mate in history, I stumbled upon my friends and hung out with
them for a while. We took photos, shared stories and went to Universitea. 
After getting wintermelons, we all agreed to go home.

When I got to the dorm, Macon and I played with Alex's iPad with such excitement.
We were both so tensed and animated while playing.

I wanted to buy these shoes from Metrowalk but they are a bit pricey.

I know this photograph of my eye is out of place in this post but I just
find it so clear and inspiring. 


Saturday, September 10, 2011

Animal Print Week!

These were the clothes I wore this week. Every week I try to
follow a certain theme for my outfits, and last week was animal prints,
specifically leopard print. 

(hang-out with my girl friends - Joyce and Denise)

We all love going nuts in front of the camera! These are my two
best friends, Denise (in white) and Joyce (in brown). They are so adorable
and beautiful. They are like the sisters I never had, they never fail to make 
me laugh whenever we are together and even if we are not.

I miss them so much, even if we just had some time together. Time with them is never
enough no matter how long or short it is. I might be a little too clingy nowadays, 
and maybe it is because I feel quite lonesome and miss my high school friends so much.

Denise, Joyce and I have been classmates for three years in high school.
When we were in second year, it was "Denise, Joyce and Editha" because I kept
my first year set of friends - bronzons, for a while. But in the middle of the year, I just
felt distant from my friends in bronzons and found home in my new friends: Joyce,
Denise, Gliezl, Mica, Alyssa, Caitlin, Yna and two of the triplets - Maan and Shasha.
From then on, we kept this group and called it "Twin Popsies Sorority", yes
we named our group after an ice cream.

If I had been part of a different group, I don't think I would be who I am now. 
These are the friends to keep for a lifetime, they would change you and turn 
you into something much greater than who you are now.
I am very thankful that our paths came across each other.

Life without them is unimaginable.

Wǎn'ān péngyǒu

Young Blood

My futsal (indoor football) class never cease to complete my Wednesdays and Fridays. Last Wednesday, we practiced shooting with the instep - kicking the ball using your shoelaces. It was not easy, it never is and never will be, at some point I even became frustrated because of how hard it was to perform the action properly. We had a game afterwards, this time men and women are mixed in a team. It was so intense that I started shrieking and squealing having my coach shout at us. Halfway through, I realize I did not wear my shin guards and roll up my socks. Right then on, my shin got kicked and the forceful shot of my opponent hit my thighs. Oh boy how that hurt so much! Good thing I am a strong woman or lady or yet just a girl! That night, I had a full body massage which helped relax my body and cure any muscle strain I have.

Today, heavy rain poured, leaving our gymnasium floor wet. We could not practice a new shooting technique because the floor was all slippery and dangerous. Instead, coach Anto taught us how to trap the ball using the following: sole of the foot, inside foot, thighs and chest. The first two were kind of easy but the thighs and chest? Are you serious? They hurt a lot and are frightening too! Luckily, my partner (Margo) and I survived the drills and had fun at the same time. Oh, and no game for today.

Fortunate enough, our instructor, coach Anto is very attractive; giving us a motivation to play very well every time we attend his class. =)

Futsal is my favorite class this semester, not only because the sport itself is fun but because of the people I play it with. For some reason, we are all just too close with each other. 
I love my futsal classmates!

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

10:00 a.m

This is Jeremy, my genius classmate in my Math 17 (Algebra and Trigonometry)
class, so smart that he need not pay attention to the lecture.

11:30 a.m

Do you remember the Biology long exam I told you about in my last posts? 
Well, it was not pushed through since my professor said she did not have voice; 
although I  do not really find the connection between not holding the exam 
and losing her voice. Let us just be glad that she cancelled and moved
it to Thursday. Instead, she opted to have an Interactive Session about
"The Real Eve" - a documentary on the first human being on Earth.

This is ... (I keep forgetting her name) my seatmate in Bio. I feel bad
for not remembering her name after having three months of class together.
Well, at least we still manage to have fun even if we do not know each
other's names. All I know is that her surname is close to mine: CORNAL.

1:00 p.m (break)

This is Lara (1x1), she has been my friend since 2007 and is now part of the
university cheering squad - UP fighting maroons. The one in the background is
Chanty, Lara's best friend, if you know what I mean.

I usually spend my Tuesday and Thursday breaks with her along with
Cheska and Mikee.

At the 'Third World Library'

I find it amazing how it (library) looks so beautiful in this photograph
but is otherwise in real life. The adorable girl in the next photos is 
Aina, a new friend of mine. 

2:30 p.m

These are Lorelie, Mark and Pat (in the photos, respectively). They are my classmates
in my history class. If you ask me to state one word to describe this course, 
it would be boring. I find it boring because history does not interest me at all,
 in fact, it is the worst subject for me, ever since grade school. That is why I am very
lucky to have these classmates with me for they alleviate the feeling of
boredom I get whenever we enter this classroom.

4:00 p.m

I bumped into Jinni (leftmost) and Gliezl (rightmost) on my way home. They
were good friends of mine back in high school.

Look at how beautiful my school is!!

Oh how I miss my friends so much, having just a short talk with Gliezl completed 
my day. I just miss her so much. I remember we used to sneak out the school with 
Denise and Joyce (whom I'd be hanging out with, tomorrow) just to go to my
village and play with Robert, my very young and handsome neighbor.
Those were the days..

Anyway, I already got the satchel I paid for yesterday! It looks so nice 
and feels nice too. I am so glad I spent money on this bag, totally worth it.

I cannot wait to see my girlfriends tomorrow!

Wǎn'ān péngyǒu