Tuesday, September 6, 2011

10:00 a.m

This is Jeremy, my genius classmate in my Math 17 (Algebra and Trigonometry)
class, so smart that he need not pay attention to the lecture.

11:30 a.m

Do you remember the Biology long exam I told you about in my last posts? 
Well, it was not pushed through since my professor said she did not have voice; 
although I  do not really find the connection between not holding the exam 
and losing her voice. Let us just be glad that she cancelled and moved
it to Thursday. Instead, she opted to have an Interactive Session about
"The Real Eve" - a documentary on the first human being on Earth.

This is ... (I keep forgetting her name) my seatmate in Bio. I feel bad
for not remembering her name after having three months of class together.
Well, at least we still manage to have fun even if we do not know each
other's names. All I know is that her surname is close to mine: CORNAL.

1:00 p.m (break)

This is Lara (1x1), she has been my friend since 2007 and is now part of the
university cheering squad - UP fighting maroons. The one in the background is
Chanty, Lara's best friend, if you know what I mean.

I usually spend my Tuesday and Thursday breaks with her along with
Cheska and Mikee.

At the 'Third World Library'

I find it amazing how it (library) looks so beautiful in this photograph
but is otherwise in real life. The adorable girl in the next photos is 
Aina, a new friend of mine. 

2:30 p.m

These are Lorelie, Mark and Pat (in the photos, respectively). They are my classmates
in my history class. If you ask me to state one word to describe this course, 
it would be boring. I find it boring because history does not interest me at all,
 in fact, it is the worst subject for me, ever since grade school. That is why I am very
lucky to have these classmates with me for they alleviate the feeling of
boredom I get whenever we enter this classroom.

4:00 p.m

I bumped into Jinni (leftmost) and Gliezl (rightmost) on my way home. They
were good friends of mine back in high school.

Look at how beautiful my school is!!

Oh how I miss my friends so much, having just a short talk with Gliezl completed 
my day. I just miss her so much. I remember we used to sneak out the school with 
Denise and Joyce (whom I'd be hanging out with, tomorrow) just to go to my
village and play with Robert, my very young and handsome neighbor.
Those were the days..

Anyway, I already got the satchel I paid for yesterday! It looks so nice 
and feels nice too. I am so glad I spent money on this bag, totally worth it.

I cannot wait to see my girlfriends tomorrow!

Wǎn'ān péngyǒu

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  1. Oh man, I remember those days! Have fun with your friends! Great blog, am a new follower.