Monday, September 5, 2011

Lykke Li - Hanging High

I am finally back in the dorm! Let me introduce to you my lovely dorm 
circle of friends: (2nd picture L-R) Me; Macon; Alex; Nicole.

(1) It is me and Macon holding the chocolate bar she gave me. I have not
eaten this bar for quite a while and I am so glad I have been given a chance
to taste it once again.

The rest of the photographs just showcase our happy moments before
they start staring at their laptop screens and keep their fingers on the keyboard
hoping something brilliant comes into their minds to write down for 
a school paper, or like me, stay up until, I think, around 3-4 in the morning
until I finally convince myself that I am ready for our long exam in Bio.

Earlier today, our maid and I went to the grocery to purchase some goods.
After getting everything we need, we proceeded to a fashion market nearby.
I feel bad for breaking a deal between my best friend and I, which was to 
prevent buying anything considered as a 'need' until it is sale again. 

First, I payed for a satchel bag which costed me P810; then I got a pair of shorts
for only P150; then a green strapless dress for P100; a country-styled skirt
for P200 and a very fresh looking crochet top also for P200. Too bad, I could not
post a picture of what I bought tonight since I left everything at home, but I would
definitely post one as soon as I get back this Friday night.

I wish my best friend does not get to read this!

I have to get going now and start memorizing scientific terms so I can ace 
our long exam about emerging diseases tomorrow.

Wǎn'ān péngyǒu

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