Saturday, September 10, 2011

Young Blood

My futsal (indoor football) class never cease to complete my Wednesdays and Fridays. Last Wednesday, we practiced shooting with the instep - kicking the ball using your shoelaces. It was not easy, it never is and never will be, at some point I even became frustrated because of how hard it was to perform the action properly. We had a game afterwards, this time men and women are mixed in a team. It was so intense that I started shrieking and squealing having my coach shout at us. Halfway through, I realize I did not wear my shin guards and roll up my socks. Right then on, my shin got kicked and the forceful shot of my opponent hit my thighs. Oh boy how that hurt so much! Good thing I am a strong woman or lady or yet just a girl! That night, I had a full body massage which helped relax my body and cure any muscle strain I have.

Today, heavy rain poured, leaving our gymnasium floor wet. We could not practice a new shooting technique because the floor was all slippery and dangerous. Instead, coach Anto taught us how to trap the ball using the following: sole of the foot, inside foot, thighs and chest. The first two were kind of easy but the thighs and chest? Are you serious? They hurt a lot and are frightening too! Luckily, my partner (Margo) and I survived the drills and had fun at the same time. Oh, and no game for today.

Fortunate enough, our instructor, coach Anto is very attractive; giving us a motivation to play very well every time we attend his class. =)

Futsal is my favorite class this semester, not only because the sport itself is fun but because of the people I play it with. For some reason, we are all just too close with each other. 
I love my futsal classmates!

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