Saturday, September 10, 2011

Animal Print Week!

These were the clothes I wore this week. Every week I try to
follow a certain theme for my outfits, and last week was animal prints,
specifically leopard print. 

(hang-out with my girl friends - Joyce and Denise)

We all love going nuts in front of the camera! These are my two
best friends, Denise (in white) and Joyce (in brown). They are so adorable
and beautiful. They are like the sisters I never had, they never fail to make 
me laugh whenever we are together and even if we are not.

I miss them so much, even if we just had some time together. Time with them is never
enough no matter how long or short it is. I might be a little too clingy nowadays, 
and maybe it is because I feel quite lonesome and miss my high school friends so much.

Denise, Joyce and I have been classmates for three years in high school.
When we were in second year, it was "Denise, Joyce and Editha" because I kept
my first year set of friends - bronzons, for a while. But in the middle of the year, I just
felt distant from my friends in bronzons and found home in my new friends: Joyce,
Denise, Gliezl, Mica, Alyssa, Caitlin, Yna and two of the triplets - Maan and Shasha.
From then on, we kept this group and called it "Twin Popsies Sorority", yes
we named our group after an ice cream.

If I had been part of a different group, I don't think I would be who I am now. 
These are the friends to keep for a lifetime, they would change you and turn 
you into something much greater than who you are now.
I am very thankful that our paths came across each other.

Life without them is unimaginable.

Wǎn'ān péngyǒu

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  1. so touched! i love you :* life wouldn't be the same without you, too!