Sunday, September 18, 2011


And all this time I thought it was /like li/

I am loving this week so far. 

Last weekend, my new cabinet was delivered. I spent almost whole
afternoon trying to get my clothes organized! I was kind of afraid to fix
my closet at first because my mom stayed in my room at the duration
I was cleaning up and I did not want her to see the new clothes I bought.

My aunt is feeling a lot better now that the water in her lungs and around her
heart have been removed. I hope she recovers from her illness faster so
we can spend time together and live the way we did before. 

Tuesday was awesome!
Before going to school, I got to watch the start of Miss Universe 2011
and learned that our candidate, Shamcey Supsup, made it into the final 16!
Arriving at the school, I was very eager to share what I know with
my block mates, only to find out that I am pretty much the only one
who cares. Although, a few minutes later, my brother started updating
me through text messages and my classmates finally found MU interesting.
It is funny how we all get nervous every time I receive a message.
Even our instructor went along and waited for updates.
At the end of the class, we finally heard about Shamcey's defeat, or rather
triumph landing fourth place among the 89 contestants.

Wednesday was weird and funny!
Math was overwhelming as usual. Art studies bored us to death, what is worse
is that we could not get any service from our classroom. Because of this, I did not
get my coach's message on time saying we are just asked to watch the cheering
practice and that he decided to declare a free cut. So instead, my classmate and I
attended the practice then ate at "Beach House". 

When I arrived at the dorm, the television was on. They were watching "Feng  Shui"
at the lobby and I decided to watch it with them. It is for me, the best horror
film Philippines has produced. That same night, HBO showed
"A Walk To Remember". I was able to watch it with my best dorm mates,
Macon and Nic Chiu. 

If only you are like Landon Carter...

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